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Full Name: Julian Rowan Heptonstall

Age: Don’t be rude

Born: Keighley, Yorkshire, UK

University: Manchester Metropolitan, UK

What is the best thing that has happened to you this year?

Buying a new camera and investing time in my YouTube channel. Oh and moving in with my boyfriend, I should probably say that ha!

How did you career start?

I studied International Fashion Marketing at university and always thought a desk job was the only option for me, and as much as I loved fashion, the beauty industry was where I flourished. I interned at various luxury brands, worked with magazines in Australia and then starting working with St. Tropez back in the UK. I worked in product development and gave PR a go, but found my feet in the act of blogging and celebrity spray tanning! My first big gig was on The X Factor – I’d only been tanning 4 months but somehow landed the role as tanning expert on the UKs biggest show! I was poached by Strictly Come Dancing where I headed up the tanning team for three years running. There’s a lot more to it than people think, I mean anyone can paint a fence, but being an ambassador for one of the worlds leading tanning brands is no easy job. High profile clients, bizarre hours and a lot of nakedness – not to mention THIS BLOG!

If this hadn’t happened, what do you think you’d be doing now?

This job has taught me about having key skills I never knew I had. The ability to travel and spend a lot of time alone, handle high stress situations and learn to work with ALL kinds of personalities! I think I’d be a chef, I love healthy eating and definitely wouldn’t say no to Gordon Ramsey barking orders at me (he is my celebrity crush). Or a midwife. Or a travel writer.

What is the best thing about your job?

I make people happy all day long – it’s an awesome way to live my life. Not many people can say that about their job or life. And I’m my own boss.

Explain a day in your life:

I wake up at 8am every morning regardless of what day it is (unless I have an early work start), turn on Classic FM and make myself a Monmouth coffee in my Le Creuset caffetier (I am the biggest coffee snob). I either have a Nutribullet or homemade Honestly Healthy granola with coconut yoghurt for breakfast. I try not to skip breakfast, I get seriously hangry otherwise and my day could end up being jam packed at the very last minute so I don’t always have chance for lunch! I check my emails, Instagram, Snapchat and if I have time, edit a blog post. I’m not a chatter in the morning and need as much beauty help as I can get (I definitely don’t wake up like this). I constantly try new products so when asked for my current beauty regime it’s ever changing!

What is your most extravagant fashion purchase to date?

A Belstaff jacket. I was so hungover at a sample sale. These things happen.

Do you have a biggest clothing disaster?

How long have you got?! When I was 18 my wardrobe was pretty horrific. Not to mention my haircuts.

What is your capsule summer wardrobe?

Summer wardrobe for me is all about mimicking The Talented Mr Ripley. I’m nodding toward palm print shirts, chino shorts and sandal shoes this year. I’m in the market for some serious shades at the moment, my Linda Farrows were stolen in Australia. It was a sad day.

And for winter?

That Belstaff jacket, some dark denim jeans and a knit. I’m all about some bronzing in the winter and kissable lips.

What is your best beauty, grooming or makeup tip?

The natural ungroomed look is one of the hardest to achieve… properly. It’s all about decent sleep patterns and never underestimate a good tan.

Do you have a go-to to hangover cure?

I always eat before a night out, and I try to do 3 alcoholic drinks to 1 glass of water (it helps your skin from breaking out as well as keeping you from saying something you shouldn’t). Before bed, drink a large bottle of Smart Water. In the morning I avoid caffeine, it’s too dehydrating. Then nosh down potato rosti and a fried egg. Done

If you had your wish, what intense fragrance would your clothes have?

I LOVE this question! Top notes of mint, base notes of sandalwood with the key note being the smell in summer just after it rains. Ahhhhhh *phones Lenor

 What was the last box set you watched?

I just found every season of Modern Family on Sky boxsets. It was a life changing moment. I also really enjoyed The Affair

If you had to choose one place to live forever where will it be? 

If I can move everyone I love with me, then Sydney, Australia. I love blue skies, healthy food and the beach. Failing that, Neverland

The last app you downloaded?

Snapchat – add me @julesvonhep (I’m still so new to it)

The top three tracks you are currently playing?!

Haha, I’m always being told how bizarre my taste in music is, I played classical music from the age of 5 – 18 so it’s still a huge part of my life, but I was then for a solid 8 years in my life I was a slave to the rave. Once a raver, always a raver.

  1. Love in Me – Laura Jones – Maceo Plex Remix
  2. KDA – Rumble (he’s one of my dearest friends and I’m so happy it’s finally taking off for him)
  3. Romeo & Juliet Fantasy Overture (3rd Version) Swedish Chamber Orchestra

What superpower would you like (besides invisibility and teleporting)?

To heal broken hearts

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us:

I’m a left handed pescetarian

Do you have a favourite memory?

Bike rides and adventures with my younger brother when we were children living out in the middle of nowhere. Heaven

Favourite acronym?

SABENA (Such A Bad Experience Never Again)

Dog or cat?


Emojis, yes or no?

YES! Who the hell says no?! I’m all about the tornado

Worst popular saying?

‘Not being funny, but…’ – it’s usually before some pointless information

Is there one most annoying thing people ask you?

I hate being asked for gossip – I find it incredibly boring. Lets chat about food, not other peoples lives

What’s on your mind?

My need for statement sunglasses. And food

Tell us a joke:

A man walks into a bar and orders a pint and nibbles. As the barman pours away, the man hears a quiet voice “what lovely eyes you have”, the man stunned looks around but no one can be seen. Staring at the various bottles of booze behind the bar he hears the voice again “what big biceps you have”. Flabberghasted he can’t see a soul. “You smell amazing!” says the voice. The man, in total panic alerts the barman and says “Barman, I can’t stop hearing flattering voices in my ear!”, the barman answers “its the nuts, they’re complimentary…”

And that my friend, is my kind of joke



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