Best grooming and beauty products for holiday prep

Time to talk holidays and my top tips on pre holiday beauty and grooming.

Ok, so I’m a tanning expert and a grooming blogger who flies from London to all around the world on a regular basis – but it’s always with work. I land, I mooch, I work, I fly back. But finally, and in the first time in forever it feels like, I’ve managed to bag a holiday! Ahhhh BREATHE.

Obviously I’m not going to pack my male grooming and beauty travel essentials and not blog about what I take and review the products that I use on my trips – what kind of beauty expert and blogger would I be if I didn’t do that for my lovely readers?!

Holidays are all about prep – and that includes beauty and feel good. I love making myself feel good before I go away, I want to get on that beach or by that pool feeling like I’ve been away already (or at least looking like I have).

For pre-holiday grooming prep I love using a good scrub. This Rose Otto body scrub from Dr Organics is great to use in the summer time as it’s super fresh scent literally wakes you up and leaves your body and skin not only feeling soft but smelling lovely too. Enriched with almond oil and rosehip oil the Dr Organics Rose Otto scrub removes dead skin cells, and creates a perfect soft skin base so you are a) squeaky clean and soft before holiday and b) have a great base for pre-holiday tanning. I would recommend using this Dr Organics Rose Otto Scrub on 3-4 consecutive days before your holiday and then if you are using self tan, don’t use the day prior to application due to the oil content.

I want my skin to look as well rested as it possibly can before I go away – firstly, just think of all the selfies and secondly – if you’re single and on the pull and want perfect skin before you go away, you need to put the work in before you go. I use these Hydraluron Masks from Indeed. They drench my skin with moisture giving it a hydrated and well rested appearance after a few applications.

Again adding to this intense hydration I’m using and loving this Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream for Men. I’m one of the first ever men to try this product so have taken this review incredibly seriously (not that I slap on everything and anything but you get my drift). I love using just half a pump of this super powered mens moisturiser to my face morning and night after cleansing. My skin is noticeably plumper, with less blemishes and my overall skin appearance has been brighter. I love Elemis products anyway, but always found their moisturisers a bit too rich for my skin (which is why I’m using just half a pump – if you have dry skin using a full pump of this Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream for Men will work wonders). Female lady girly readers – Elemis already sell a version for you honeys, don’t worry. If you’re thinking of investing in your skincare and want to see results you’re paying for I highly recommend this product.

Ok, time for intimate hair trimming. A difficult thing to talk about when it comes to the best thing to use for trimming your hair down there BUT a product and trimmer this good should never be over looked and this is a grooming and beauty blog – so I’ve got to get in there, down there, and road test and review the products for you! This Remington Intimate Trimmer is one of the best beauty gadgets I have ever in my life used. Yes, you read that right. The trimmer is so easy to handle, and gives great, precise results with not a hair out of place… so to speak. The Remington Intimate Trimmer is speedy, as well as nifty so works around the crevices well and trims everything to a uniform length. For intimate hair trimming this product from Remington is amazing and if you like your hair down there trim and tidy, you have to have this in your life. I cannot sing it’s praises enough.

When it comes to self tanning – pre holiday I’m using the Self Tan Luxe Oils from St. Tropez. They keep skin soft, and you only need one coat to get a deep rich glow. I apply on consecutive days to build a deep rich layer.

I like to start my holidays looking good but feeling GREAT. I’ve started using Neat Nutrition in my morning Nutribullets – in particular the Matcha Green Tea powder. Holy cow does this make you feel amazing, full of life and riddled with energy.

Have a great holiday! If you don’t have one booked or you’ve already been, book another. Trust me.

Jules xx



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