Summer Lust – my new Jo Loves Pomelo Fragrance

Brace yourself, I think I’ve found my new summer fragrance from Jo Loves – Pomelo.

I’ve said it before on this grooming and beauty blog and I’ll say it again, when it comes to picking a fragrance it’s an incredibly personal thing. Whether you’re buying a new fragrance for yourself or for a gift – what one person likes another might not. But I won’t lie to you lovely readers, I have shelves packed with eau de toilettes, aftershaves and colognes as I review them on a regular basis. I swap and change my fragrance depending on my mood, on my schedule (i.e. if it’s under 100ml for travel) and on the seasons – light fragrances for summer, musky fragrances for winter. Fresh for day, sexy for night.

When you find one that you love, buy it. I had an episode with my best friend at an airport recently, and I fully respect her for walking into duty free, smell a fragrance by chance and buying a 500ml bottle of it ‘I’ve been clambering for a new fragrance for months and finally I’ve found it’.  My tip is to wear it every day and let it become your scent for this period in your life. Scent can jog memories and take you back to times you thought you’ve forgotten about. And this is exactly what I’m doing with this Pomelo fragrance from Jo Loves.

I remember Jo (as in THE Jo Malone – read my gushing experience with her in my Jo Loves Candle Shot Studio review post) saying that she wears the Jo Loves Pomelo every single day and paints it onto herself with a brush. She said there and then the Jo Loves Pomelo is a unisex fragrance and I totally agree, it’s neither feminine nor masculine, nor is the bottle – the fragrance is simply fresh and uplifting. Why should it be gender specific? Pomelo is a citrus fruit originating from South East Asia and smells so refreshing I can barely type it into words.

[Pause] I just had to spray  it once more, I’m hooked.

Every time I wear this Jo Loves Pomelo I get asked what fragrance I’m wearing, and trust me… when working on a shoot or in meetings with beauty buyers, product developers and experts – when someone compliments your fragrance you know it’s good.

Part of me daren’t share this fragrance with you because I desperately want to cling onto the fact that not many people have it. But I have to. I have to share it. I love it and you will too.

Jules xx

Jo Loves Pomelo is available for delivery nationwide at

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