Reader Review! Braun Series 9 get’s roadtested…

I recently came across the Braun Series 9 shaver and wanted to review it on this grooming blog. Annoyingly I have stubble so reviewing the best shavers for men that give a close shave is slightly difficult – however, lucky for me I have a wonderful friend and happy product tester called Tom. I love testing grooming and beauty products for my blog but love it even more when my readers and friends test them too – it gives the blog a more three dimensional view point don’t you think?

Tom is 32, lives in Stamford, UK with his wife Nicola (pictured) and runs a family business with his Dad.

Over to you Tom!

I haven’t used an electric shaver for years and have never used products from Braun before. I had an electric shaver during school (many moons ago) but could never really get the results I wanted and eventually the shaver went in the bin.

My usual shaving routine consists of a wet shave every couple of days usually in the evening while in the bath as I find the steam from the bath softens my skin (I can’t shave in the morning as it tears my skin apart). When asked to road test the latest Braun Series 9 shaver I was genuinely looking forward to it as it could make life so much easier and could potentially eliminate the faff of my current wet shave routine.

As soon as I opened the box of the Braun 9095cc shaver I realised it’s a serious piece of kit that screams quality and means business. I was excited! The instructions are extremely straightforward and easy to understand, and setting up the shaver for the first time is pretty simple (even for someone like me who hasn’t used an electric shaver in some time!). The shaver doesn’t just look like a proper piece of kit but is also extremely clever – not only does it shave but the docking station has a built in cleaning system that uses an alcohol based solution to clean the shaver head after each use then even dries the shaver head after cleaning – all with the press of a button. This shaver is definitely a hi-tech piece of kit, but without being overwhelming.

After setting everything up and giving the Braun 9095cc shaver a good first charge I was ready to get trimming! Initially it was very strange using an electric shaver as it has over 10 years since I last used one but the results are impressive. The shaver glides over the face with ease and shaves very close to the face without tugging any stubble. I found the whole experience extremely straight forward and painless having no shaving rash or skin irritation.

I am so impressed by the Braun Series 9 shaver that I haven’t wet shaved since. The shaver has genuinely made life so much easier shortening my current grooming routine compared to that of my old wet shave regime. This Braun shaver is genuinely impressive and now takes pride of place on the windowsill in our bathroom. Bravo Braun, great job!!!!!

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Jules xx

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