Aromatherapy Classes at Wilderness with Neal’s Yard

What I love about Neal’s Yard is that they are a true British company, a certified organic beauty brand and family business owned and made in Dorset. How lovely.

Nestled in the fields of a Cotswold manor at Wilderness, the Neal’s Yard yurt is a haven of incredible smells and aromas. “Essential oils are the essence of a plant, they’re the best bit, the part that’s good for the mind and the spirit…” states Susan Curtis, Herbalist and Naturopath at Neal’s Yard.

We were given a brief an incredibly interesting talk on the use of essential oils – did you know never to add straight into the bath? It’s best to dilute and then add to the water so the essential oils don’t sit as a film on the top? Who knew? I loved this master class, I never realised how easy is was to make your own beauty products at home…

Did you know smelling coffee beans clears your nasel passages ready for the next smell so your nose doesn’t get clogged? Great tip when choosing fragrances.

If you’re wanting to make your own facial mist at home – here’s the recipe I used for my very own organic Neal’s Yard facial mist.

  • 50ml Neal’s Yard Rose Water Toner
  • 2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
  • 7 drops of Bergamot Essential Oil (which is apparently GREAT for de-stressing during road rage, someone I suffer from BIG time).

For my organic home made shower gel:

  • 50ml Neal’s Yard Create Hair & Body Wash
  • 2 drops Frankincense Essential Oil (which Neal’s Yard source from an African tribe). Frankincense is great for calming so think before an exam or public speaking.
  • 18 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil – I just love how zingy and fresh this is, a perfect ‘wake up’ wash.

To make an at home salt spray:

  • 50ml water
  • A pinch of Himalayan salt
  • 2 drops Argon Oil for conditioning
  • 2 drops Cedar wood Essential Oil to add another conditioning element for the hair.
  • 2 drops Rosemary Essential Oil to stimulate hair growth.
  •  3 drops Lemon Essential Oil for cleansing, invigorating and energising.


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