The beauty and grooming products I’ve used to the end…

Using my beauty and grooming products to the end sounds like a simple thing no? Well actually it’s not – when us bloggers review products as much as we do, the chance that we actually get to the very of the end of the shampoo or the moisturiser is pretty slim because there are usually another 4 to get reviewing for YOU.

I’ve been watching YouTube videos and I am the first to admit, YouTube is still a huge learning curve for me. I’m still desperately trying to get my head around all the buttons, flashing lights and widgets (yes that’s a word). If you don’t subscribe to my beauty, grooming and lifestyle YouTube channel already you can subscribe here. So much so I totally forgot to post this video over here on the blog. What am I LIKE?! If you haven’t seen my slightly loco side before, perhaps watch this video, you’ll get a vibe of how unhinged I can be.

Anyway, time for the products. And boy, have I loved these. Us guys can get through hair products more than we get through underwear, especially stylers (so waxes, creams etc) and if a product does the job and more than it says it does on the tin – I always tend to use it quicker.

The Phytosquam shampoo by Phyto is one of those shampoos that does it all. It’s one of the best shampoos I have ever used and it removes every single last morsel of hair wax I have in my hair. I’m gutted it’s over. GUTTED.

The moisture therapy conditioner from Ojon was a complete revelation. If only I had one now after going blonde.  This conditioner is perfect for dry hair as it’s so super nourishing and hair is left soft and siiiiilky afterwards.

I am sad that this Mancave Styling Cream has come to an end. Hair was left soft, styled and didn’t move much once put into position. The Mancave styling cream also smells of whiskey which allows a sweet but sexy scent to reappear constantly throughout the day. Seriously, you keep smellign it through the day, it’s banging. They’re harder to find in Boots than you think so I recommend buying online.

Oh the Deep Heat Rosemary and Vanilla has been a total life-saver. Deep Heat is a great product to use for aching muscles, which I suffer from if I’ve been lifting my kit a lot in the week. I always pack one of these for fashion week – the smell is so relaxing I can’t imagine anyone who works in beauty and fashion not loving this muscle calmer.

Ah, matte skin. If you suffer with over shiny skin and need a product to stop shine this is one of the best. Wham your skin is taken from oily to matte in seconds. You can read my previous review of this N07 Beautifully Matte Skin Primer here.



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