Late summer lusts including this Dunhill mens fragrance

Oh hello, who wants to see what grooming products I’ve been relying on over the bank holiday?

It’s been such a fun vacation – I’ve been socialising A LOT. Both with family and friends and so I’ve needed a flexible amount of products that perform in all conditions – be it light (you never know where you’re going to be doing make up) or water (im going from London to Rutland to Leeds to Nottinghamshire in the space of 5 days). Things may have appeared slow on the blog and my Instagram, driving means I don’t have loads of time to edit posts and write up reviews – but I’m at Mum and Dad’s this week so have found a few hours to play catch up on my male grooming and mens fashion blog posts. Snapchat (@julesvonhep) on the otherhand…

I’ve packed some Philip Kinsley moisture balance shampoo and conditioner – my hair has been super dry since I’ve bleached it so I wanted something rich and nourishing – but also I didn’t need to pack full sized shampoo and conditioner so could use these travel sized ones.

I’m head over heels for this Wella Grip Cream for Men. I love the way the hair wax holds my hair in place but also gives my hair texture – it doesn’t look too heavy either and looks great on day 2 if I haven’t washed my hair (and it hasn’t moved to much in the night!).

Travelling from house to house can sometimes be a grooming and product dilemma – such a grooming junkie like myself can be found in situations where I’m a) either allergic to a shower gel or b) am just plane snobby and don’t want to use a nasty shower gel – what am I like? Well, I thought I could review one on the go. This Sanctuary Spa Cleansing Burst Body Wash not only releases instant freshness but washes the body beautifully and because of the oil content, doesn’t leave the skin dry but leaves it feeling soft. Winner.

Carrying on with fresh smells and soft skin, the Aveda Rosemary Mint Body Moisturiser is a firm favourite of mine and stays in my wash bag at all times (I’m sure it’ll feature in an empties video on my YouTube soon). Treat yourself this autumn if you’ve never tried it, it’s so luxurious.

SK-II. I feel like I’m returning to the mother ship. This SK-II Mid Day Essence landed on my desk a few weeks ago and as you’ll be able to see from the related posts down the side of this grooming and beauty blog, I’ve been a fan of SK-II for many, many years. I drive up and down England on a monthy basis as I live in London and my family live in the north, and driving takes it toll, as does being a blogger and beauty expert. This spray not only refreshes my face but it lifts my mood as well as giving my skin a mid day drink and moisture boost. It doesn’t land on the skin in droplets, but merely as a mist, meaning any foundation or tinted moisturiser doesn’t move. LOVE.

Where would I be without my concealer? Things can get tough with work life or personal life and if you show stress like I do, then dark circles just appear from nowhere (I usually use my skin to tell me how I feel – dark circles let me know that I need sleep and calm). The Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Concealer has been a beauty staple of mine since day one – the lightweight formula means it can be blended easily and doesn’t look heavy (which is ideal for that natural look – on both men or women). I’m rather enjoying this MAC  286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending Brush to blend the outer edges (feel free to watch a make up tutorial over on my youtube videos). I’ve also repurchased a Mac Brow Set  in clear – to keep my eyebrows looking sharp and in place, without looking ‘fake’.

And finally, Dunhill Icon mens fragrance. This is one killer bottle, and it weighs a ton, which would usually mean I wouldn’t take it away with me. But I couldn’t resist. I’ve never actually smelt anything like it, rich with Bergamot notes but still fresh with black pepper and neroli with middle notes of cardamom lavender. When I smelt this fragrance at first I didn’t know if I liked it or not which is why it’s taken me so long to review, but I think I wanted to not like it due to the bottle. Sadly for my wash bag, I do. I really like it. The Dunhill Icon is both perfect for day, even better for night, rich without being sickly and still has a slight suggestion of feeling sexy.

Happy Grooming and Beautifying.

Jules xx

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