Autumn Skincare and Hair Wax to make your hair thicker

My new favourite skincare products for autumn and my beauty expert tips in how achieve better skin through colder months. Also guys if you need thicker hair for autumn read on…

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Dying for this Prada Vetiver Eau de Parfum, wonderful rich but without being sickening. As we move into the colder months it’s time to ramp up the scent and start going thicker and richer with your fragrance.

If thinner hair is in your problematic grooming list – Fudge Professional may have found the answer and jarred it as a hair savior (aka a thickening hair wax). The new Fullhead Xpander Jelly features Fibre-Dense Technology containing fast absorbing actives of wheat protein to thicken hair AND give texture.  The Fudge Professional Fullhead Xpander Jelly thickening hair wax also offers thermal protection as well as being a flexible formula – meaning restyling and shaping is a doddle. Apply on wet hair, blow-dry in. For even thicker hair – add more once hair is dry.

I’m such a lover of skincare – it’s my pure weakness when it comes to male grooming and beauty. I could spend hour’s analising my skin and am constantly on the hunt for new grooming products and formulations. Colder mornings means getting up and starting the day can be a bit harder. Well, I’m using Origins Ginzing Eye cream and Scrub Cleanser in my men’s skincare routine. The level of refreshment these grooming and beauty products offer my skin has been brilliant and Always apply an eyecream using your ring finger and pat onto the eye area – NEVER drag, the eye area has the thinnest skin on the entire face.

Personally I find in the winter there is more pressure to look more groomed – I’ve been doing SO many quotes on tantouring (whereby you contour using tan) and had an interview the other week on beard-touring where we sculpt our beards to give our face definition. I use Bic disposable razors in between full shaves to neaten my beard and stubble edges. Try shaving, just partially underneath the eye and cheek area to give the face a more angular appearance. Follow by neatening the bottom of the beard around the Adams Apple to add even more beard definition and sculpting.

I’ve sung the praises of the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Morning Facial before, but let me tell you this wonder facial oil is still going strong. I’m applying a light later over my face in the morning and evening to give skin hydration – the autumn can be incredibly drying to our skin due to central heating. I pat the oil over my skin using my fingertips to add hydration and improve skin circulation at the same time.

This marble slab is from my friends at Att Pynta.

C’mon winter, lets have you!

Jules xx

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