Wahl Lithium Blitz Beard Trimmer Review

Ahhh beard trimming. It’s the time of year where male grooming needs to sharpen up and embrace the colder months (except for you Australian readers – grrr).

Lucky for me ( and my face fuzz) I’ve managed to get my mitts on the at home Wahl Lithium Blitz Beard Trimmer for review. Backstage at fashion week or in TV I see hairdressers and barbers using Wahl clippers EVERYWHERE. Wahl is one of the go to brands when it comes to beard and hair trimming for men – have a look in your local barber, I’d be amazed if you don’t spot a Wahl.

Mainly a grooming brand sold into the professional market, the Wahl Lithium Blitz Beard Trimmer has been designed for consumer use (aka for mugs like me). As a man who has experienced a beard trimmer running out of battery half way through a trim – I kid you not, this happened in Ireland roughly 1 hour before I was due to do live television, I am always SO scared of being in that situation again and usually swerve toward having my beard trimmed professionally – you can see where I go on my social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat – @julesvonhep). The Wahl Lithium Blitz Beard Trimmer boasts an impressive 240 minutes trimming time after a 1 hour charge so the chances of that happening again to me whilst overseas are minimal – HURRAH!

The Wahl at home beard trimmer comes equipped with guards, brushes, oils the usual trimming gang. What I love about the Wahl trimmer is that the head is wider than most other trimmers on the market, meaning if your beard trimming in a rush, it’s so much quicker to cover vast amounts of area. I usually trim on #2:3/16” clipper – I find it offers the perfect no-trim-trim.  The beard trimmer is much easier to use than many others I’ve tested in the past and the results were even and I was left fuzz free. WIN.

When it comes to beard trimming always shave in the direction of your hair growth, and go over the same area a few times to ensure a uniform hair length.  Remember it is best to start with a longer clipper setting a first if using a new trimmer.

Hope you enjoyed this beard trimmer review!

Jules xx

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