Falling in love with a new purple shampoo from Pro:Voke…

Great purple shampoos are hard to find and being blonde they are an essential part of hair colour and tone upkeep. Believe me, this is the third time I have dyed my hair blonde and honestly, I feel like I’ve tried them all. Well, until now.

I love using the Fudge Purple Shampoo and Conditioner combo (mainly because of the high pigment content within the purple shampoo), but like any beauty and grooming blogger – I like to switch my products up! Usually I don’t bother trying new purple shampoos because so many on the market are absolutely useless but when this Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo landed I thought ‘what the heck let’s give it a go’.

In classic Jules behaviour I threw caution to the wind with the purple shampoo instructions and ignored the warning of not to use it until two weeks after the hair has been bleached. I can’t bare yellow blonde bleach and so I use the purple shampoo to remove the brassiness and replace the hair colour with ashiness (brass and ash – anyone would think I’m talking interiors).  This is a thick shampoo, and lathers up to a medium amount. My hair felt clean and so far (I’m using it every other day) no brass, just ash.

There isn’t a conditioner to go with the shampoo so I’m going for gold (or white gold if we’re talking hair colour) with this Phytokeratine Exceptional Mask by hair brand Phyto. I can’t get enough of this unisex hair brand, honestly for me this is one of the best haircare brands out there for my hair. Great textures, smells and results in my hair… I love it. Plus Phyto is fairly niche so looks GREAT in your brathroom if you don’t like following the crowd. This Phytokeratine hair mask is ideal for dry or bleached hair (potentially one of the best). Enriched with hyaluronic acids that plump and intensely hydrate the hair strands, I leave the mask on for at least ten minutes as my hair is thick and fairly dry due to the bleach.  The mask moisturises the hair follicles from the core to the outer so hair is left feeling much softer (and when hair has been bleached, softness is what you crave).

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and review!

Jules xx

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