Hugo Boss The Scent and Night Fragrance for Men Reader Review!


Whoop Whoop! Another great reader review up on my grooming blog this month – this time we’re talking Hugo Boss Fragrance. Party season looms and if you’re in the market for a new eau de toilette or aftershave and can’t work out which men’s fragrance is best – maybe consider these two from Hugo Boss? OR for those in the gift market, if you’re thinking what fragrance shall I buy my boyfriend for Christmas or his birthday – have a read of this blog post and get INSPIRED!

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Right then, I’ll hand this men’s grooming blog post over to you Adam…

Hugo Boss BOSS The Scent for Men Review

I really love this aftershave from Hugo Boss!! It has a light and fruity, but still warm and strong scent. Given the leaves are falling, this will be a staple men’s fragrance for me through the autumn months. Not that I put myself in this category, but it prompts images of a well-dressed and groomed urbanite, sophisticated, but still up for some party fun [NB Adam we think you’re so groomed sartorial]. The Hugo Boss The Scent aftershave for men is fresh enough to wear through the day, but also bold enough to splash on before an evening out with the Mrs, or a night down the local with the gang. I usually have a preference for wearing lighter and fruity aftershaves – this being a different scent from something I would usually choose but Hugo Boss have well and truly nailed it with this one in my eyes. It’s not a statement scent, but great versatility means it will be staying in my toiletry bag for the next couple of months!

 Hugo Boss BOSS The Night Eau de Toilette for Men Review

As the title suggests, this is definitely an evening scent. Hugo Boss Night is manly, powerfully, and bold. It’s also quite spicy, so a couple of years ago I might have found it a little too much, but now I’m a man in my prime at the tender age of 30, this scent is perfect for a good night out. My favourite thing about Hugo Boss Night is the fragrance’s staying power – a couple of sprays of this wonder scent and you’ll smell chic and gentlemanly all.night.long. I’ve had people complimenting me on my fragrance at after parties, well believe me, are well into the early hours. If it can sustain a boat load of beer and hours on dance floor, it’s a winner in my eyes.

Well THANKS Adam! What a great grooming blog reader review! Good vibes from this Hugo Boss Fragrances for men post from reader Adam. Hope you enjoyed reading – if you want to be considered for a reader review, email me using the tab in my blog homepage.


Jules xx

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