Look of The Week: Daring to wear a white sweater!

When it comes to men’s fashion and street style I usually just head straight for trainers, jeans, t-shirt and a hoody if I’m not working. I’m desperately trying to up-chic myself these season though and now that I’m doing men’s fashion blog posts – it’s spurring me on to keep it chic chic.

On my days off I’m dressing up (I say this with certainty but honestly, I’m just giving it my best). My grandma always said ‘your style and the way you dress should be for the person you don’t want to see’ – she was right. Running into THAT person when you’re in hangover clothes and unwashed hair is the pits. Dress up. But don’t go overboard – a 3-piece tux on a Sunday lunch is too much in my eyes. Who does that?

I love in these Russell and Bromley men’s Chelsea boots in camel suede. They have barely taken any breaking in, two laps of my street and I’m in full stride! Mixed with these Weekday dark denim jeans they both just hit that smart-casual nail on the head.



OK, here’s where I get crazy* – this white jersey menswear sweater from Zara actually sits wonderfully with my blonde hair but also makes me feel like a classic Gap advert with the white on top, denim on the bottom. I’m wearing this men’s jumper with a plain white Whistles t-shirt underneath, the jumper is too thin to wear a pattern underneath (the downside of wearing white). I LOVE the quilted texture of this jumper, not only does it look fancy, it also distracts the eye from any lumps and bumps we might be trying to hide (I have too many to disclose).

This Zara men’s navy jacket is well and truly a staple for autumn and early winter. I love the military style of the zips on the pockets and the collar– it’s military without being IN YOUR FACE military (the best kind) – I’m seeing an RAF military vibe. The lines and silhouette this jacket creates are perfect for smartening up a casual outfit. The Zara men’s jacket is lined so it keeps you warm and the storm flaps at the front give it a slight added clean line.


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I hope you’re enjoyed this look and this men’s style blog post!

Jules xx

* not technically crazy don’t be absurd, but for me, a white sweater is mental.

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