Gillette Fusion ProShield and Elemis Beard Oil – current shaving shelf…

Spring is well and truly on it’s way and like any beauty junky I’m totally welcoming these new launches from Gillette and Elemis. The Gillette Fusion Proshield manual razor and Elemis Shave and Beard Oil for Men are the perfect combination for closer shaving. I’m so tempted to shave all of my beard off with these razors – but daren’t. Not yet. I’m too attached.

I’m using these two grooming weapons to keep my beard looking neat – so on the upper part of my cheek and the area around my neck and around my adams apple to keep my beard looking sharper. My skin is incredibly sensitive at the moment – I’ve just moved house so I’ve been undergoing some marginal stress – hence my skin breaking out at anything remotely exotic!

The Gillette Fusion Proshield is designed to lubricate the skin before and after the blades sweep across our hair so that irritation is minimised. The razor has a Flex Ball technology handle, meaning it can work much more closely with the face shape allowing it to work around our face more easily aiding in a closer and smoother shave.  The Gillette Fusion Proshield razor helps minimise irritation on the skin too – clever Gillette.

I like tanning myself using St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil, so use a shaving oil as I know a shaving oil wont block a tanning oil from reaching the skin as the pair are both oil based products. The Elemis Shave and Beard Oil is rich in a blend of jojoba, meadowsweet, sweet almond and rosehip so keeps beard and skin super soft and minimises irritation.

Happy Grooming!

Jules xx

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